shorin-patch-purpleShorin-Ryu Membership Requirements We teach the Chibana-Ha lineage of Shorin-Ryu. Those wishing to join the Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan will  go through an in depth interview process requiring proper documentation and references, which will be verified. Those coming into the Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan with a prior legitimate of Chibana-Ha Shorin-Ryu will be required to convert to the Shorin-Ryu Koshinkan methods. In most cases these differences are minor just like the other branches of Chibana-Ha Shorin-Ryu vary from each other. Those from other styles (non Shorin-Ryu) wishing to convert to Shorin-Ryu are reviewd on a case by case basis.

kojo-patchKojo-Ryu Membership Requirements Those joining the Kojo-Ryu Koshinkan from another legitimate association with an impeccable and verifiable lineage must hold a minimum rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) preferably in Okinawan Karate, exception may be made for those of Japanese karate lineage (made on a case by case basis).

Those wishing to join will go through an in depth interview process requiring proper documentation and references which will be verified. There will be a probation period in which the Kojo-Ryu basics and the Koshinkan training katas (non-Kojo-family) will be the focus of training. The Kojo-Ryu basics and the Koshikan training katas are critical at first because they are needed for those transitioning from other styles to begin the transformation into Kojo-Ryu Karate.


jujitsupatchHoshiyama-Ryu Membership Requirements Hoshiyama-Ryu membership applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All training will be provided by Carl Withey Sensei.

International Koshikan Karate/Kobudo Association
Kazuo Hoshiyama Hanshi, President
Charlie Tapia Kyoshi & Angel Lemus Kyoshi, Vice President
Carl Withey Kyoshi, Vice President


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