Shogo and Licenses

Shogo and Licenses

Shogo or formal titles are not inclusive of rank and are granted separately.  Unless specified by menjo regardless of rank there is no title implied.

Guidelines for Shogo:

Renshi: Minimum of 5th Dan
Kyoshi: Minimum of 7th Dan
Hanshi: Minimum of 9th Dan

Guidelines for Teaching Certifications:

Shidoin: Minimum of 3rd Dan
Shihan Dai: Minimum of 5th Dan
Shihan no Menjo: 6th Dan (Shorin-Ryu and Kobudo)
Shihan no Menjo: 7th Dan (Kojo-Ryu)

Proper usage of titles:
The above titles are to be considered similar to a PhD in that PhDs are referred as Doctor in everyday conversation, but in written letters the tittle PhD is used after the person’s name. But in daily conversation or in the Dojo, these titles are not used to refer to someone, the term “Sensei” is to be used instead. To refer to someone as Renshi, Kyoshi or Hanshi is incorrect, however in some Japanese styles “Shihan” is allowed.

Proper usage of the term “Sensei:
The term “Sensei” is not a title and literally translates as “one who has gone before”.  One does not refer to himself in conversation, written correspondence, or in signing a letter as “Sensei”. The term “Sensei ” is used when others refer to someone else who is a teacher.  In Japan, if one were to refer to themselves as Sensei, it would be illicit the same response as calling themselves “God” (a severe social blunder or major breach in etiquette).

The term Sensei is normally given to those who Sandan or above, but in special cases the Home may make an exception.

International Koshikan Karate/Kobudo Association
Kazuo Hoshiyama Hanshi, President
Charlie Tapia Kyoshi & Angel Lemus Kyoshi, Vice President
Carl Withey Kyoshi, Vice President


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